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Hi! I'm Bronwyn. I'm 21. Student at Michigan State University. Currently a media and information major, but will probably change my major because I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I'm an introvert. Sometimes people mistake my shyness for arrogance. I swear I'm really friendly! I love traveling, stargazing, bad jokes, watching movies, reading, cats, music (both performing and listening to music), and the color pink among many other things. Instagram
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Debussy: La cathédrale engloutie - Die 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker

This is what I’ve been talking about. It’s probably the most divine collection of sounds I’ve ever heard. There are a few recordings of this arrangement on Youtube, but none with this ensemble, and their expertise and artistry make all the difference.

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i swear i’d dress better but i’m poor and fat

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