1. Cry all you want and as hard as you want. You’re letting out your emotions, you need to do this. Or else you will feel terrible during the day.
  2. Feel like crying at school? Pack a pair of sunglasses to walk trough the halls with. If anyone asks, you’re having alergies, pinkeye or sensitive to…

The first time I felt butterflies
When you said my name like no one else has before.
I never thought much about my name
Until you made it sound like it could’ve been
A line in my favorite song.

You are the thought that wakes me up
After a night of dreams filled with the sound of your voice.
My fingers reach for the phone resting next to my bed
Because talking to you is the only thing that makes sense
When my brain is still clouded by confusion and sleepiness.

“She’s talking to someone she likes,”
My brother observes, the smile you bring to my face
Giving me away to anyone paying attention.
A few simple words from you make me feel like
I am everything I never thought I could be.

Heavy-lidded “I love yous” that I will barely remember
In the morning make my heart do somersaults.
Staying awake with you and our sweet nothings
Are far more appealing to me than falling asleep
And waking up alone.

Hours later than you’d normally say good morning and
I can’t believe I’ve become the girl waiting around
For a thirty second hello when I would give you the
Entire day, month, year. The rest of my life if you’d ask.
But instead, today, I get a “maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore.”

11pm, again
I tell you I gave you everything
All you say is that you’re sorry and then you say my name again
Only this time I don’t like the way it sounds.
It sounded the way a stranger would say it,
But at night you never talked to me like a stranger.

I didn’t understand how a person could flip like a switch,
How you put me on top of a mountain and then
Let me fall to the rock bottom below.
I didn’t understand how we could tell each other our secrets
In the middle of the night and then never speak again.

I still don’t understand (via spilled-coffees)

You lied to me. Not only did you break my heart once but you came back for seconds and thirds. Each time taking as much as you could till there was nothing left but saddens, hurt, anger, shaky limbs, a dry mouth, and this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. You promised you’d take it easy on me. You’d let time heal but you lied to me. Just as I was getting used to the idea of “just friends”, only three weeks after we parted, this thing with your new girlfriend “just happened.” During one of our 2am conversations you told me you’d never break my heart or hurt me like those before you. Through my tears I whimpered “really?” You said emphatically “Yes, I promise you.” You lied to me. My mistake for trusting and believing in you like I did. I don’t know what hurts the most. The heartbreak, lies, the way you moved on like it was nothing, or the fact that as much as I hate you I still love you. Maybe it’s the latter. Knowing all of this and still not being able to completely hate you. God dammit, I still love you. It’s not the way I used to love you, but I still love you.